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On the Count of Three

1h 26m Drama 2022

Jerrod Carmichael makes his directorial debut and stars in ON THE COUNT OF THREE, a darkly comic feature about two best friends, Val (Carmichael) and Kevin (Christopher Abbott), on the last day of their lives.

Kevin and Val are uninspired thirty-somethings who decide that the only way forward is to end things altogether, together. With a suicide pact scheduled and guns loaded, Val and Kevin stand eye-to-eye, pistol-to-temple.

A last minute bid for more time and closure forces Kevin to pull out of the pact at the final moment, suggesting that they enjoy one more day before calling it quits on life. What follows is a wild ride of perfectly calibrated gallows humour and commentary on the burden of mortality.

“The movie settles into the blackest kind of buddy comedy — a lacerating slice of nihilism rooted in real despair, and real I-love-you-man tenderness too.” ~Leah Greenblatt, Entertainment Weekly

“The director, who also stars in the film, and his fellow lead Christopher Abbott, share amazing chemistry that turns any run-of-the-mill conversation into entertainment.” ~Lorry Kikta, Film Threat







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