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Shirley Valentine

1h 48m Comedy, Drama, Romance 1989

Synopsis: Feeling trapped in a world of domesticity, Shirley (Pauline Collins), a housewife from Liverpool, England, needs a change in her life before she has another conversation with the walls. When her friend Jane (Alison Steadman) invites her on a trip to a Greek island, Shirley jumps at the chance. Upon landing, Jane ditches Shirley for a fling, which means Shirley is left to her own devices. Shirley wanders the island, meets a taverna owner (Tom Conti) and begins to find the joy in life again.

AroView: Pauline Collins adapts her stage role for the screen and the result is an unqualified success. You’ll take delight in witnessing her rediscover her lost youth and dreams on a Greek island holiday, after all those years the kitchen.


Lewis Gilbert



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