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Festival in Cannes

1h 40m Comedy 2001

AroView: Not a documentary, but just as ‘real’ in the hands of veteran independent director Henry Jaglom, who fashions a delightfully candid comedy that ‘eavesdrops’ on the wary tango between Art and Commerce on the Croisette of the Cannes Film Festival.

Shot entirely on location with the co-operation of the famous festival, this is charming and breezy yet dramatically robust, with tension hinged upon the tantalising prospect of ‘making the deal’ for the various players, including a wannabe director, a self-styled deal-broker, and a Hollywood big-shot. Fostering his trademark naturalism with an expert cast, the director precisely captures the fragile and frustrating business of mounting a film project with generous wisdom and a refreshing lack of cynicism, and tinged in the balmy romantic air of the French Rivera.


Henry Jaglom



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