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Book of Love

1h 46m Comedy, Romance 2022

Young, uptight and unsuccessful English writer Henry’s novel sells to no one. But when his book is suddenly a surprise hit in Mexico, his publicist insists he travels there on a promotional tour. Upon arrival, a confused Henry discovers the reason behind his novel’s popularity - Mexican translator Maria has rewritten his dull book as a steamy erotic novel. Henry, furious, and Maria, reluctant, must now travel together on a book tour across Mexico. As tempers flare and sparks begin to fly, the two begin to find love and lust despite themselves.

“Book of Love ends up being a surprising mix of sweet and salty, silly and sincere, that earns those coveted rom-com sighs.” ~Tara Bennett, Paste Magazine


English, Mexican Spanish


UK, Mexico


Buzzfeed Studios, StudioCanal

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