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I Used to Go Here

1h 28m Comedy 2020

AroView: An entirely likeable indie dramady exploring millennial ennui from writer-director Kris Rey, with the always likeable Gillian Jacobs playing a struggling 35-year old writer who takes an invitation to speak at her alma mater by a former professor (Jemaine Clement).

Once there, her loose ends become apparent when she meets a group of college students and begins an awkward and at times hilarious reckoning with her past. Unlike many indie rom-coms, this saves its strongest act for last, elevating a familiar story with some big laughs and emotional resonance.

“[Director] Rey prods at the mundane indignities of adulthood with a keen eye and a gentle touch, creating a movie that is daffy but not dumb and a heroine who is complicated but not a lost cause.” ~THE PLAYLIST


Kris Rey





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