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Safety Not Guaranteed

Comedy, Romance, Fantasy 1h 25m 2012

AroView: Winningly oddball ‘true’ tale set in Seattle that follows a writer and two colleagues on a flakey assignment to interview a man who placed a classified ad seeking a companion for time travel.

Inside the teasingly sci-fi premise is essentially a romantic-comedy in the “misunderstood, uncool outsider” sub-genre, with a mullet-haired Mark Duplass nicely complemented by the radiant Aubrey Plaza as a troubled modern girl with adventurous taste. It might be a wish fulfillment fantasy dressed in Gen-Y threads, but this is amply charmed and equipped to transport romantics and cynics alike.

“A DIY answer to the Spielberg generation’s nostalgia for movie magic.” ~Karina Longworth, Village Voice


Colin Trevorrow







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