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The Comeback Trail

1h 43m Comedy, Crime 2020

AroView: Crime comedy based on an 80’s film of the same name, with Robert De Niro playing a greedy grindhouse film producer who casts an aging, washed up movie star (Tommy Lee Jones) as the lead in his new film, planning to kill him in a stunt to collect the insurance money. But his plan is complicated when the old man refuses to die in ever more dangerous situations, unwittingly delivering the performance of his career in the process.

A winning concept that falls a bit flat at times, however there’s some solid humour to be enjoyed. A loving satire of Hollywood delivered by a decent cast of old-timers.

“I won’t risk calling this movie a miracle, but if this year has left you in desperate need of a good laugh, look no further.” ~THE AUSTRALIAN


George Gallo







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