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7 Days

1h 26m Comedy, Drama 2022

AroView: “7 Days” is a Duplass Brothers production, the guys responsible for an impressively consistent body of work (incl. HBO’s ‘Somebody Somewhere’ and ‘Togetherness’) that puts script and character before all else.

This one is a belated stuck-in-lockdown comedy, but refreshingly told from the point of view of Indian-Americans who are thrown together with their unsuitable arranged-marriage match. Make-or-break for any rom-com is the chemistry/charisma of the cast, and Karan Soni and Geraldine Viswanathan have it in spades.

“Under the guise of a straightforward love story, Sethi’s film reveals itself to be an incisive look into the long-running Indian tradition of arranged marriages.” ~Alex Saveliev, Film Threat

“The complications in each character’s lives are funny, wholly believable and just nasty enough to rule out any second date as this never-ending first one staggers on and on…” ~Roger Moore, Movie Nation


Roshan Sethi







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