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I Love My Dad

1h 36m Comedy, Black Comedy 2022

AroView: An impressive, sweet-natured cringe comedy from actor turned writer-director James Morosini, who plays a young man ‘catfished’ by his desperate, estranged father.

Paton Oswalt is perfect as his well-meaning but seriously misguided dad whose all-too-convincing online pose as a young hottie from his hometown café escalates the impending disaster. Constantly blurring the lines between online fantasy and what’s happening in reality, the film finds inventive ways to keep the gag running.

“As funny as it is mortifying, with Oswalt as a kind of sociopathic Cyrano de Bergerac justifying his behavior in the name of becoming closer to his son.” ~John Fink, The Film Stage

“There’s a big beating heart at the center of the movie that keeps you close to the ground and makes it an absolute triumph of twisted humor and love.” ~Ethan Anderton, Slashfilm


James Morosini







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