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Extra Ordinary
1h 34m Comedy, Horror, Supernatural 2019
1h 47m Comedy, Horror 2014
What We Do in the Shadows
1h 26m Comedy 2014
1h 23m Documentary 2017
The Woman in Black
1h 35m Horror, Fantasy 2012
The Hole
1h 32m Horror, Family, Fantasy 2009
1h 43m Family, Adventure, Horror 2015
Ghostbusters: Afterlife
2h 4m Comedy, Fantasy, Action 2021
1h 55m Comedy, Fantasy 1984
The Addams Family
1h 39m Comedy, Fantasy 1991
2h 2m Fantasy, Romance 2008
Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone
2h 32m Family, Adventure, Fantasy 2001
The Goonies
1h 54m Family 1985
1h 37m Comedy 1985
Hotel Transylvania: Transformania
1h 27m Comedy, Animation 2022


Woodlands Dark and Days Bewitched: A History of Folk Horror
3h 12m Documentary, Horror, Film Theory 2021
The Strangers: Chapter 1
1h 31m Horror 2024
1h 28m Horror 2024
1h 35m Horror 2024
Final Cut
1h 51m Comedy, Horror 2022
Saw X
1h 58m Horror, Mystery 2023
1h 45m Horror, Thriller 2023
When Evil Lurks
1h 40m Horror 2023
Suitable Flesh
1h 39m Horror, Thriller 2023
Dracula: Voyage of the Demeter
1h 59m Horror 2023
The Nun II
1h 49m Horror 2023
1h 43m Crime, Drama, Horror 2022
It Lives Inside
1h 39m Horror, Drama, Thriller 2023
The Tank
1h 40m Horror, Thriller 2023
Evil Dead Rise
1h 36m Horror 2023
Beau is Afraid
2h 59m Drama, Horror, Black Comedy 2023
The Pope's Exorcist
1h 43m Thriller, Horror 2023
1h 43m Horror 2022
Scream VI
2h 2m Horror, Mystery 2023
1h 48m Horror, Thriller 2022
La Abuela
1h 39m Horror 2021
The Offering
1h 33m Horror 2022
1h 42m Horror, Thriller 2022
Candy Land
1h 32m Horror, Thriller 2022
Speak No Evil
1h 37m Horror, Drama 2022
1h 55m Horror 2022
The Loneliest Boy in the World
1h 30m Comedy, Horror 2021
Bodies Bodies Bodies
1h 35m Comedy, Horror 2022
Terrifier 2
2h 18m Horror 2022
The Invitation
1h 44m Horror 2022
Orphan: First Kill
1h 39m Horror, Mystery 2022
Hellraiser (2022)
2h 1m Horror 2022
1h 39m Drama, Horror 2021
1h 40m Horror, Thriller 2021
1h 43m Horror, Mystery 2021
X (2022)
1h 46m Horror 2022
1h 30m Horror, Drama 2022
The Innocents
1h 57m Drama, Thriller, Horror 2021
Studio 666
1h 48m Horror, Comedy, Music 2022
1h 23m Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller 2022
Wyrmwood: Apocalypse
1h 28m Action, Horror 2022
Werewolves Within
1h 37m Horror, Comedy, Comedy 2021
Scream (2022)
1h 54m Horror, Comedy 2022
1h 51m Horror, Mystery 2021
1h 20m Comedy, Horror 2021
1h 36m Drama, Fantasy, Horror 2021
A Quiet Place Part II
1h 37m Drama, Horror, Sci-Fi 2021
Willy's Wonderland
1h 29m Horror, Thriller 2021
The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It
1h 52m Horror, Mystery, Thriller 2021
1h 34m Drama, Fantasy, Horror 2021
Paranormal Activity: Next of Kin
1h 38m Horror 2021
Unknown Dimension: The Story of Paranormal Activity
1h 35m Documentary, Horror 2021
1h 29m Horror, Drama 2020
The Columnist
1h 24m Comedy, Horror, Black Comedy 2020
The Night
1h 45m Horror, Thriller 2020
Boys From County Hell
1h 29m Horror 2020
Shadow in the Cloud
1h 23m Action, Horror 2020
1h 30m Horror, Comedy 2020
1h 46m Horror, Thriller 2020
Zombieland: Double Tap
1h 33m Horror, Comedy 2019
Saint Maud
1h 24m Drama, Horror 2019
In Fabric
1h 58m Horror, Comedy, Fantasy 2019
The Lodge
1h 48m Drama, Horror, Thriller 2019
Come to Daddy
1h 34m Horror, Comedy 2019
1h 26m Horror 2019
The Vigil
1h 28m Horror, Thriller 2019
Extra Ordinary
1h 34m Comedy, Horror, Supernatural 2019
The Hole in the Ground
1h 30m Drama, Horror, Mystery 2019
Doctor Sleep
2h 32m Horror, Fantasy 2019
It: Chapter Two
2h 49m Horror, Thriller 2019
1h 32m Action, Horror 2019
Midsommar Directors Cut
2h 28m Horror 2019
1h 56m Horror, Thriller 2018
2h 8m Horror, Mystery 2018
A Quiet Place
1h 30m Thriller, Horror 2018
Ghost Stories
1h 38m Drama, Horror 2018
The House That Jack Built
2h 33m Crime, Drama, Horror 2018
The Wind
1h 24m Horror, Western, Thriller 2018
2h 15m Horror, Thriller 2017
Autopsy of Jane Doe
1h 26m Horror, Mystery 2016
1h 24m Horror 2016
The Love Witch
2h 0m Cult, Comedy, Horror 2016
The Conjuring 2
1h 52m Horror, Mystery, Thriller 2016
Hounds of Love
1h 48m Crime, Horror 2016
1h 37m Horror, Fantasy, Crime 2015
A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night
1h 41m Drama, Horror 2014
The Babadook
1h 34m Drama, Horror 2014
It Follows
1h 40m Horror, Thriller 2014
1h 47m Comedy, Horror 2014
What We Do in the Shadows
1h 26m Comedy 2014
1h 49m Horror, Romance, Sci-Fi 2014
Only Lovers Left Alive
2h 3m Comedy, Drama, Fantasy 2013
The Conjuring
1h 47m Horror, Mystery, Thriller 2013
Warm Bodies
1h 38m Comedy, Horror, Romance 2013
1h 50m Horror, Mystery 2012
1h 44m Horror 2012
The Woman in Black
1h 35m Horror, Fantasy 2012
The Cabin in the Woods
1h 35m Horror, Comedy 2012
You're Next
1h 34m Horror, Thriller 2011
Tucker & Dale vs Evil
1h 29m Comedy, Horror 2010
The Hole
1h 32m Horror, Family, Fantasy 2009
The Loved Ones
1h 24m Horror 2009
1h 28m Horror, Comedy 2009
Dead Snow
1h 31m Horror 2009
Dead Snow 2
1h 40m Horror, Comedy 2014
Black Sheep
1h 27m Horror, Comedy 2007
1h 39m Horror, Adventure 2007
Shaun of the Dead
1h 39m Comedy, Horror 2004
The Ring
1h 55m Horror, Mystery 2002
The Others
1h 44m Horror, Mystery 2001
Scary Movie
1h 28m Comedy, Horror 2000
Sleepy Hollow
1h 45m Fantasy, Horror, Mystery 1999
Office Killer
1h 22m Horror, Comedy, Crime 1997
From Dusk Till Dawn
1h 48m Action, Horror 1996
1h 51m Horror, Comedy 1996
Scream 2
2h 0m Horror, Mystery 1998
Scream 3
1h 56m Horror, Mystery 2000
The Crow
1h 42m Action, Horror 1994
Bram Stoker's Dracula
2h 8m Horror 1992
Stephen King's IT
3h 7m Horror 1990
Pet Sematary
1h 43m Horror, Thriller 1989
1h 39m Horror, Cult 1989
Evil Dead II
1h 25m Comedy, Horror 1987
1h 33m Horror 1987
Day Of The Dead
1h 36m Horror, Drama 1985
1h 44m Horror, Comedy, Cult 1985
1h 31m Horror, Thriller 1984
The Slumber Party Massacre
1h 16m Horror, Slasher 1982
The Beyond
1h 27m Horror, Cult 1981
1h 31m Horror, Cult 1977
Deep Red
2h 6m Horror, Giallo 1975
1h 18m Horror 2008
The Devil's Backbone
1h 46m Drama, Horror 2001
1h 39m Horror 2008
Them (Ils)
1h 17m Horror, Thriller 2006
1h 30m Horror, Mystery, Fantasy 2003
1h 22m Comedy, Drama, Horror 1989
Train to Busan
1h 58m Horror, Action 2016
2h 15m Drama, Fantasy, Horror 2009
A Tale of Two Sisters
1h 55m Horror, Drama, Mystery 2003
Ju-on: The Grudge
1h 32m Drama, Horror 2002
1h 55m Horror 1999
1h 31m Horror 1998

Sunday Horrors

The Blood on Satan's Claw
1h 36m Horror, Folk Horror 1971
Night of the Demon
1h 36m Horror, Classic 1957
Lemora: A Child's Tale of the Supernatural
1h 25m Horror, Fantasy, Drama 1973
Black Sabbath
1h 32m Horror 1963
Angel Heart
1h 53m Thriller, Horror 1987
Near Dark
1h 33m Horror, Action 1987
Fright Night (1985)
1h 46m Horror, Thriller 1985
1h 44m Horror, Comedy, Cult 1985
Day Of The Dead
1h 36m Horror, Drama 1985
Phenomena (aka Creepers)
1h 56m Horror 1985
Stephen King's Cat's Eye
1h 34m Horror, Comedy 1985
1h 31m Horror, Thriller 1984
1h 50m Horror 1983
1h 34m Horror, Thriller 1983
Death Warmed Up
1h 25m Horror 1983
The Thing
1h 49m Horror, Sci-Fi 1982
Next of Kin
1h 29m Horror, Mystery 1982
The Howling
1h 31m Horror 1981
My Bloody Valentine
1h 33m Horror, Thriller 1981
The Shining
2h 26m Horror 1980
Friday the 13th
1h 35m Horror 1980
The Changeling
1h 47m Horror 1980
The Fog
1h 29m Horror, Thriller 1980
1h 52m Horror, Ozsploitation 1978
1h 38m Horror 1977
The Tenant
2h 6m Thriller, Cult 1976
King Kong
2h 14m Adventure, Horror 1976
Deep Red
2h 6m Horror, Giallo 1975
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
1h 38m Horror 1974
Black Christmas
1h 38m Horror 1974
1h 36m Horror, Comedy 1974
Don't Look Now
1h 50m Drama, Mystery, Thriller 1973
The Wicker Man
1h 35m Horror, Mystery, Thriller 1973
The Exorcist
2h 3m Horror 1973
Messiah of Evil
1h 30m Horror 1973
Death Smiles on a Murderer
1h 28m Horror, Mystery, Giallo 1973
Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things
1h 26m Horror, Comedy, Cult 1972
Horror Express
1h 31m Horror, Sci-Fi, Cult 1972
Silent Night, Bloody Night (aka Deathouse)
1h 25m Horror 1972
See No Evil
1h 29m Thriller 1971
The Bird With the Crystal Plumage
1h 36m Crime, Giallo 1970
And Soon the Darkness
1h 34m Horror, Thriller 1970
Rosemary's Baby
2h 17m Horror, Drama 1968
Twisted Nerve
1h 58m Thriller 1968
The Devil's Bride
1h 35m Horror 1968
Quatermass and the Pit
1h 37m Horror, Science Fiction 1967
The Mummy's Shroud
1h 30m Horror 1967
Spider Baby
1h 24m Horror, Black Comedy, Cult 1967
Dr. Terror's House of Horrors
1h 37m Horror 1965
An Angel For Satan
1h 32m Horror, Mystery 1966
The Plague of the Zombies
1h 30m Horror 1966
Dracula: Prince of Darkness
1h 30m Horror 1966
Rasputin: The Mad Monk
1h 31m Biography, Drama, Horror 1966
The Witches
1h 30m Horror 1966
The Reptile
1h 30m Horror 1966
1h 46m Thriller, Sci-Fi 1966
Blood and Black Lace
1h 29m Horror, Thriller, Giallo 1964
The Masque of the Red Death
1h 29m Horror 1964
The Last Man on Earth
1h 27m Horror, Sci-Fi 1964
Day of the Triffids
1h 33m Sci-Fi, Horror 1963
What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?
2h 14m Drama, Horror 1962
Peeping Tom
1h 41m Drama, Horror, Thriller 1960
The Tingler
1h 21m Horror, Cult 1959
Corridors of Blood
1h 27m Horror 1958
The Spiral Staircase
1h 24m Suspense, Horror 1946
Dead of Night
1h 17m Horror, Drama 1945
Dark Eyes of London
1h 26m Horror, Mystery 1939
King Kong (1933)
1h 40m Adventure, Science Fiction 1933
1h 15m Horror, Silent 1932
1h 25m Horror, Silent 1922
The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari
1h 15m Silent, Horror 1919

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