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Horror, Thriller 1h 56m 2018

AroView: Psychedelic horror director Panos Cosmatos follows up his beguiling and underrated BEYOND THE BLACK RAINBOW with this audacious tour-de-force that blends occult thriller with blackly comic demonic fantasy.

After a meticulously crafted slow burn set-up, Nicolas Cage lets rip as a broken man whose only mission is to avenge a group of sadistic cultists. It’s an extraordinary stylistic accomplishment, enhanced by the undulating soundtrack of Johann Jóhannsson.

“Cage is gloriously and ferociously over-the-top, taking us along on one hell of a vengeance-seeking, tripping-balls-to-the-max path of blood lust and spiritual salvation” ~ Ant Timpson, NZIFF.


Panos Cosmatos


Casper Kelly




United States

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