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Saint Maud

Drama, Horror 1h 24m 2019

AroView: The debut feature film of English writer-director Rose Glass is a measured, disturbing psychological horror about a devout Roman Catholic nurse known as Maud (Morfydd Clark) who develops an obsession with a former patient.

After a traumatic incident at a former nursing job, she takes a role in private palliative care and meets an exotic former dancer and terminally ill lymphoma patient (a brilliantly cast Jennifer Ehle). Tension soon develops between the two women with vastly different backgrounds, and Maud becomes suspicious and resentful of the former dancer’s unashamed lesbian lifestyle. Unbeknownst to the few contacts she has in her frugal and isolated religious life, Maud’s grip on reality begins to disintegrate horrifically.

A rich character portrait with a whole lot going on, this is a sensational directorial debut, gripping from start to finish.

“A fantastic and gripping debut from an exciting new talent in the genre. Hoisted by a tight script and dynamic performances, it’s a standout title that deserves its heaps of praise.” ~CONSEQUENCE OF SOUND


Rose Glass









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