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Terrifier 2

2h 18m Horror 2022

After being resurrected by a sinister entity, Art the Clown returns to the timid town of Miles County where he begins to target a teenage girl and her younger brother on Halloween.

“Strictly for hardcore horror fans, though I can see this also becoming a huge “dare you to watch it” event for the uninitiated. We haven’t had a movie this dangerous in the theaters in a long time, and its presence is both important and historical in the history of extreme cinema. This movie will bite your face off.” ~Michael Talbot-Haynes, Film Threat

“Terrifier 2 rips, tears, hacks, shreds, butchers, disembowels, decapitates, devours, pulverizes, tenderizes, slices, dices, skewers — I’m missing plenty — and knock-em-out-dead eviscerates the current competition when it comes to low-budget slasher effects.” ~Matt Donato, IGN


Damien Leone







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