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The Hole in the Ground

1h 30m Drama, Horror, Mystery 2019

AroView: Decidedly creepy horror about a single mother who moves to the Irish countryside after a separation, but begins to suspect that her son may be an imposter.

As his behaviour becomes increasingly unpredictable, a series of terrifying events start occurring in their local town, and she discovers that a mysterious sink hole in the forest behind their house may be related. Executed with chilling effectiveness, the “mental breakdown or something paranormal” trope is always a goodie in spite of revelations that borrow from forbearers in the genre.

“There’s a freshness to the characterisations, a good eye, and for a time dir. Cronin constructs a tense guessing game as to whether it’s mental breakdown or supernatural forces at play.” ~Demetrios Matheou, Screen Daily

“A soft-spoken yet chilling domestic horror film that tells its slightly overfamiliar tale effectively.” ~Kim Newman, EMPIRE


Lee Cronin




Ireland, UK



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