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Only Lovers Left Alive

2h 3m Comedy, Drama, Fantasy 2013

Aroview: Tilda Swinton and Tom Hiddleston are sublimely cast as sophisticated vampire lovers who reunite after centuries in this stylish and imaginative new film from director Jim Jarmusch.

While an elegant fantasy piece on the surface, Jarmusch has done his homework exploring how centuries-old hipsters might pass their days, and his cultural references are name-checked with nostalgic adoration and just the right amount of absurdity. The duel locations of Detroit and Marrakesh resonate not only as otherworldly places, but as extensions of the two characters’ contrasting sensibilities. A film for indie lovers if ever there was one.

“It’s an offbeat and frequently very funny film, lifted out of disposability by some wonderfully rich production design, music cuts and photography, and by the cherishable performances of the leads.” ~ The Playlist.


Jim Jarmusch


English, French, Arabic, Turkish


United Kingdom, Germany, Greece, France

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