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1h 51m Horror, Mystery 2021

AroView: The latest fright-fest from director James Wan (THE CONJURING, INSIDIOUS) is a polarising horror following a woman who starts having murderous nightmares only to discover her dreams are real.

Oddly enough, the tone stays straight-faced even as proceedings descend into glorious B-movie lunacy in a clear and knowing homage to 80’s body horrors. A bit baffling but undeniably audacious, if you can make it through the slow-burn gestation of the first hour you might find yourself fully rewarded by the insanity to come.

“It’s hard to say whether a film this bonkers “works” or not, but it’s impossible not to admire both the craft and the extravagant bad taste behind its go-for-broke energy.” ~Andrew Barker, VARIETY


James Wan



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