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The Love Witch

2h 0m Cult, Comedy, Horror 2016

AroView: Writer-director Anna Biller who also produced, edited, costumed, set designed and scored this feminist sexploitation pastiche shot in 35mm as an authentic homage to 1960s B-movies and Technicolor films.

Ostensible ‘trash’ with a refreshing agenda, it slyly subverts the archetype of the man-eating vamp while at the same time not skimping on the visual burlesque, provided in spades by newcomer Samantha Robinson as the modern-day witch who uses spells and magic (and some dazzling eyeshadows) in her ill-fated pursuit of “love”.

“Though a little too languid at two hours, The Love Witch is appropriately seductive.” ~Screen International


Anna Biller






Anna Biller Productions, Umbrella

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