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The Woman in Black

Horror, Fantasy 1h 35m 2012

AroView: A restrained yet genuinely chilling Gothic horror from the director of EDEN LAKE, with Daniel Radcliffe as a widowed young lawyer whose visit to a remote village unsettles a malevolent spirit.

Fabulously adorned in Victorian period, this empties out every haunted house trope in the book and plays like an elaborate Ghost Train ride, with choreographed scares frequent and spine-tinglingly effective. Radcliffe, too, onscreen for most of the running time, looks the grown-up part and hits all the right marks as he negotiates the isolated mansion by candlelight. Based on the novel by Susan Hill, which had previously been adapted as a hit stageplay and solid 1989 telemovie, this is a credit to the recently revived ‘Hammer’ brand.

“A tasteful, old-school frightener, emphasizing suspense and foreboding over blood and guts.” ~ USA Today.


James Watkins







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