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When Evil Lurks

1h 40m Horror 2023

AroView: An Argentinian horror that succeeds where allcomers in the genre aspire but mostly fail – to both disturb and excite the viewer through the deft manipulation of sound and images.

It’s a contagion film that weaves its own deliriously rancid spell as an unnatural force sweeps through an already ravaged countryside, with director Demián Rugna unafraid to imperil children for an extra pinch to your primal nerve. Lead actor Ezequiel Rodríguez is brilliantly bedraggled as a dead-beat dad seemingly being punished for his sins of neglect.

“This is a movie that is both familiar and fresh. Scary, yes, but mostly disturbing, gory, smart, quite expansive, and all around created in the bowels of hell itself.” ~Rafael Motamayor, Slashfilm

“Delivering scares at a pace that rarely allows one to catch their breath, and with enough gruesome surprises to consistently startle.” ~Nick Schager, The Daily Beast

“This is a film that delights in unspoken terrors and audience misdirection.” ~Amy Nicholson, L.A. Times


Demián Rugna









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