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The Babadook

Drama, Horror 1h 34m 2014

AroView: A single mother and her disobedient son are stalked by a malevolent spirit summoned by a children’s book in this expertly directed psychological horror.

Expanding from the director’s own b/w short film ‘Monster’, this more fully harnesses the tension built on the anxiety of single motherhood, and lifts its game considerably in terms of acting, production design (spooky blue-black) and the Babadook himself, who is sure to enter the pantheon of horror boogeymen. Though it does lose some confidence in nailing a resolution that does justice what has preceded it, this can consider itself the best, if not the spookiest, Australian horror film ever made.

“A smart, respectful horror that puts character and emotional issues first, yet never at the cost of a delightful and haunting fright. ” ~ The Playlist.


Jennifer Kent




Australia, Canada