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In Fabric (2019)

Horror, Comedy, Fantasy 1h 58m

AroView: A witty, utterly sumptuous ghost story from singular British director Peter Strickland (DUKE OF BURGUNDY), following a possessed red dress as it torments various unfortunate owners across the busy season in a retro-stylized department store.

Featuring a mesmerizing soundtrack by Cavern of Anti-Matter (Tim Gane of Stereolab fame), this appropriates the gorgeous colours and textures of the giallo horror genre, dyed in a silken, dark dream logic and distinctive Britishness. Without taking itself too seriously, this is formal cinema at its finest.

“Enveloping you in its vintage folds, Peter Strickland’s hypnotic horror film turns fashion into a death sentence.” ~Time Out


Peter Strickland


English, French






BBC Films

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