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It Lives Inside

1h 39m Horror, Drama, Thriller 2023

Sam, an Indian-American teen, lives in an idyllic suburb with her conservative mother and her assimilated father. Sam’s cultural insecurities grow due to her estranged friend, Tamira, who mysteriously carries around an empty mason jar all the time.

In a moment of anger, Sam breaks Tamira’s jar and unleashes an ancient Indian demonic force that kidnaps Tamira. Sam searches for Tamira, following the trail of a young man who performed a deadly ritual, until the demonic entity starts targeting her, murdering her boyfriend and shattering her reality with terrifying visions. Sam must band together with her parents and a sympathetic teacher to save Tamira and put an end to the terror of the demon.

“Proving her own star quality, a committed Suri guides Sam through a journey of identity and final-girl heroics that brings satisfying healing to her strained relationship with her mother.” ~Jen Yamato, Los Angeles Times

“It’s nice to see a spooky movie that is having fun with a new box of tools.” ~Jenny Nulf, Austin Chronicle


Bishal Dutta


English, Hindi

Closed Captions [CC]






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