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Horror Express

1h 31m Horror, Sci-Fi, Cult 1972

Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee reunite once again for this tale of mad monks, primitive humanoids and bloodthirsty zombies set aboard a train bound for Moscow! Directed by Spanish genre filmmaker Eugenio Martin and co-starring Telly Savalas as a psychotic Cossack, it remains one for the most outlandishly entertaining horror efforts of the early 1970s.

“Poised on the edge of camp, Horror Express nimbly cycles through genres, with drawing-room mystery and procedural elements bleeding into Universal-style monster effects and science-fiction hokum.” ~Scott Tobias, The A.V. Club

“At least as much science fiction as horror, Horror Express has become a favorite in both genres and deservedly so. It’s fast-paced, inventive, and wholly entertaining.” ~TV Guide Magazine


Eugenio Martín


Julian Zimet





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