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The House That Jack Built

2h 33m Crime, Drama, Horror 2018

AroView: A mordantly funny yet sometimes brutal portrait of a serial killer from irrepressible Danish provocateur Lars Von Trier, with Matt Dillon surprisingly effective as an amoral failed architect who leaves a merciless blood trail across 1980’s Washington State.

Intimately exploring the character’s mental state and beliefs about life and art, the film is similar in structure and concept to the director’s similarly sensational “Nymphomaniac”, and again too smart to be dismissed as pure exploitation.

“Two and a half hours of self-reflexive torture porn with an entire McDonald’s warehouse of chips on its shoulder, and a handful of genuinely provocative ideas.” ~Robbie Collin, The Telegraph


Lars von Trier


English, German, Italian


Denmark, France, Sweden, Germany, Belgium, Tunisia



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