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Bergman Island

1h 53m Drama 2021

AroView: A stimulating, layered drama in which a creative couple (Tim Roth and Vicky Krieps) seek inspiration on Fårö, the island residence synonymous with the late Swedish filmmaker, Ingmar Bergman.

It explores the realm of film-making and fiction writing, with Mia Wasikowska and Anders Danielsen Lie (The Worst Person in the World) as another couple who mirror them in a fictional film-within-a-film. The result is an intriguing, indeed Bergman-esque, treatise on the interplay between love and art and fictional representations of both.

“Delicate, droll and imbued with a haunting, understated wistfulness, Bergman Island wears its layers so lightly it may take you a while to notice just how much it’s got going on.” ~Jon Frosch, The Hollywood Reporter


Mia Hansen-Løve


English, French, Swedish


Belgium, France, Germany, Mexico, Sweden


Arte France Cinéma, Umbrella

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