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1h 39m Drama 2023

An adaptation of the play by Alan Bennett, set in a geriatric ward in a small Yorkshire hospital that is threatened with closure.

The hospital decides to fight back by galvanizing the local community: they invite a news crew to film their preparations for a concert in honour of the hospital’s most distinguished nurse. What could go wrong?

The film celebrates the spirit of the elderly patients whilst paying tribute to the deep humanity of the medical staff battling with limited resources and ever-growing demand.

“While Thomas and Eyre slip occasionally into feel-good vibes, they ultimately leave intact his narrative’s essential anger about the bureaucratic threat to community health care.” ~Robert Abele, TheWrap

“This watchable, undemanding drama rolls along capably, enlivened by unmistakably Bennett-ian gags and drolleries which come along every minute or so.” ~Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian


Richard Eyre



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BBC Films (UK)

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