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Rose Plays Julie

1h 41m Drama, Mystery 2019

AroView: An intelligent, beautifully measured Irish thriller about a young veterinary student named Rose who investigates the mysterious circumstances of her birth after her adopted mother dies.

After making contact with her biological mother (Orla Brady), she then assumes the identity of her given birth name of Julie in order to get closer to the devastating truth. The complex, intriguing threads of the story are elegantly woven into a satisfying whole, with three first rate performances at its centre.

“Its emotional dilemmas, depictions of trauma, revenge and fractured family ties are handled with such skill and sense of purpose, it is truly exemplary film-making.” ~Martyn Conterio, CineVue

“The most disturbing thing about the impressively disturbing Rose Plays Julie may just be how satisfying it is.” ~Jessica Kiang, Variety


Joe Lawlor


Christine Molloy




Ireland, UK



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