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Nobody Has to Know

1h 39m Drama 2021

Memories tell us the story of who we are. If those memories vanish, whose stories will take their place? Phil (Bouli Lanners), a middle-aged farmhand working on a remote Scottish island suffers amnesia following a stroke. A lonely local woman, Millie (Game of Thrones’ Michelle Fairley) helps him acclimate back to his life and claims they were once in a relationship before his accident. This is a fragile lie that Millie must protect to keep their burgeoning romance alive, but at what cost?

“The first English-language feature from Bouli Lanners (‘Eldorado’) is a hushed but warm-blooded love story with several unexpected twists.” ~Boyd van Hoeij, The Film Verdict


Bouli Lanners




Belgium, France, UK



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