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To Leslie

1h 59m Drama 2022

AroView: An American independent film that turned heads with its Oscar nomination for British actress Andrea Riseborough, who absolutely kills it here as a West Texas single mother who leaves a trail of heartache after squandering her lottery winnings on booze and bad decisions.

She brings hard-won authenticity to an addiction drama that, like her character, constantly teeters on the cusp of tragedy and redemption. Key support cast incl. Alison Janney and comedian/podcaster Marc Maron in a sober role.

“A stirring character study … To Leslie recalls the grit of 1970s American indie cinema at its most indelible.” ~Sheri Linden, The Hollywood Reporter

“While perhaps a bit too neat in terms of its plot and resolution, the film is an unflinching portrait and powerful character study that hinges upon Andrea Riseborough’s nuanced performance.” ~John Fink, The Film Stage


Michael Morris



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