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Red Rocket

Comedy, Drama 2h 9m 2021

The audacious new film from writer-director Sean Baker (The Florida Project, Tangerine) starring Simon Rex in a magnetic, live-wire performance, Red Rocket is a darkly funny, raw and non-judgmental portrait of a washed-up porn star and a hometown that barely tolerates him.

“Another unflinching portrait of an underclass subsisting on the margins of the American Dream which this time presents as perilously close to a capitalist nightmare where only porn, drugs, donuts and fossil fuels seem to have any economic currency. The talented writer-director again balances the bleak with the frequently funny, though one’s amusement may be tempered by the tension inherent in the premise of a middle-aged rogue (however lovable) actively grooming a teenage girl.” ~AroVideo

“Sean Baker is dedicated at the same time to the material realities of being poor in the United States and to the irreverent artificiality of snap zooms, smash cuts, and unexpected music cues.” ~Pat Brown, Slant Magazine


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