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2h 17m Drama, Romance, Thriller 2021

French director Claire Denis helms this English-language drama about a young American journalist stranded in present-day Nicaragua who falls for an enigmatic Englishman who seems like her best chance of escape.

She soon realizes, though, that he may be in even greater danger than she is. The film, unlike the novel, which is set during the Nicaraguan Revolution, is set in the pandemic-era present day.

“It’s beautifully made, but to enjoy it you have to relax, and let it wash over you.” ~Nicholas Barber, BBC

“At its best when it has Trish and Daniel suspended in horny limbo, with [director] Denis building an atmosphere of sultry languor that makes the film feel as if it’s constantly stretching and circling, like a sleepy cat.” ~Robbie Collin, The Telegraph


Claire Denis



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United States



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