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1h 55m Drama, Romance 2021

AroView: A smart and under-rated romantic drama for adults about the headrush of excitement and the messy, complicated aftermath of falling in love.

The title refers to the sobering reality of the working week, but most of the film is set on successive Fridays, where Sebastian Stan and Denise Gough make the most of their hedonistic impulses in the city of Athens, culminating in what may be the most hilarious motorcycle ride ever committed to film.

“Anyone else who’s ever been in a relationship like this — especially the kind of that starts to feel like a codependent bipolar disorder trapped on a rollercoaster by the end — will painfully relate to Monday’s sensual, funny and above all honest look at amour fou.” ~Leslie Felperin, The Hollywood Reporter

“Monday asks, what happens when that thing you do with your life in lieu of a plan becomes the plan?” ~Richard Whittaker, Austin Chronicle


English, Greek

Closed Captions [CC]

English [cc]


USA, Greece, UK



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