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My Zoe

1h 40m Drama, Drama 2019

Recently divorced scientist Isabelle struggles to co-parent her daughter Zoe with her argumentative ex. But when Zoe suffers an unexpected brain hemorrhage and is put on life support, Isabelle comes up with an audacious plan to keep some version of her daughter alive. A meditation on loss, grief, and technology’s very human limits, MY ZOE is the story of enduring love in a future that strikes close to our present.

“There are moments that are hard to watch, unthinkable in their emotional brutality. That Delpy finds her way to the ending she does—and earns it is—no small accomplishment.” ~Jason Bailey, The Playlist

“My Zoe dares to lead with its feelings, and that fearlessness provides a striking spectacle itself.” ~Nick Allen,


Julie Delpy



Closed Captions [CC]

English [cc]


UK, Germany, France, USA



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