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Woman at War

Comedy, Drama 1h 40m 2018

AroView: A droll yet heroic tale of a fifty-year-old environmental activist who is secretly waging a one-woman-war on the local aluminium industry and risking everything to conserve her beloved Icelandic highlands, not to mention planet Earth. But her passionate plans of action are unexpectedly disrupted by the news of her chance to adopt a Ukrainian child…

Its sober themes of climate change and personal politics are enriched by deft touches of humour and visual panache, and the delightful on-screen presence of three-piece orchestra ADHD.

“Approaching weighty themes with a very light touch, [this is an] environmental drama wrapped in whimsical comedy and tied with a bow of midlife soul-searching.” ~NEW YORK TIMES


Icelandic, English, Ukrainian







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