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The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller 2h 33m 2010

AroView: One of the highest-grossing foreign language hits at the NZ box office, this riveting, full-bodied Swedish thriller follows an escalating missing person’s investigation by a middle-aged whistle-blowing journalist, with the aid of an unlikely partner - a rebellious, tattooed computer hacker.

A justifiably lauded adaptation of Part 1 of the “Millennium Trilogy”, a literary phenomenon from the late author Stieg Larsson, this manages to skilfully pare down its complex narrative without skimping on the distinctive details that make it a cracking read. Originally titled “Men Who Hate Women”, its unflinching critique of the misogynist streak in Swedish society is never far from the surface, though it gives it good swift, stylish and satisfying kick in the bollocks.







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