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Girls Can't Surf

Documentary, Sport 1h 48m 2020

Aroview: An Australian documentary about the female surfers who challenged the male-dominated surfing industry of the 1980’s, and who rejected their role in surfing culture as bikini clad bystanders, rising to become world champions.

These women describe their careers and provide refreshingly candid insights into the world of professional surfing, which they fought long and hard for recognition in. In situations that are familiar to those who have watched MAIDEN, these sportspeople were called upon by the media to explain and justify their existence in the field, and even had to acquire formidable political skills, with some serving on the board of the Association of Surfing Professionals, a gender equality battlefield in it’s day. A passionate tribute to these athletes and their struggle.

The film features many Australian surfers such as Pam Burridge and Pauline Menczer, alongside Wendy Botha (South Africa), Lisa Andersen and Frieda Zamba from the U.S.A, and others.

“A spectacular, angering, engrossing and inspiring yarn, well-assembled and packed with indelible personalities.” ~ Graeme Tuckett, Stuff.





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