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1h 37m Documentary 2022

AroView: A fittingly admirable portrait of the one of the great diplomats of modern times, Angela Merkel, chancellor of Germany for sixteen years, and most powerful woman in the world for most of them.

This is an immensely entertaining and informative documentary about how a humble pastor’s daughter from East Berlin became world renowned as a political beacon of integrity, feminist role-model and icon, and de facto leader of the free world. Her achievements are monumental in a man’s world, and the story of how she did it is frequently moving and inspiring.

“Director Eva Weber, who was born in West Germany but moved to the UK in 1991, approaches Merkel’s career from a unique point of view. She packages Merkel’s story enough for non-Germans who may not know the details of her life, while remaining politically neutral enough to stay credible to Merkel’s German detractors.” ~Indiewire

“A thoughtful, admiring doc about a German political pioneer.” ~Stephen Farber, Hollywood Reporter


Eva Weber


English, German

Closed Captions [CC]



UK, Germany



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