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Clean (2022)

1h 32m Documentary 2022

AroView: A superb Australian doco about Sandra Pankhurst, who founded a ‘trauma cleaning’ business in Melbourne and has a remarkable story to tell of her own.

She’s a fiercely independent spirit and admirable manager of her team, whom we also get to know as they go about the unsavoury daily business of cleaning up everything from compulsive hoarding to murder. A few squeamish moments aside, this is an otherwise inspiring film about the virtues and struggles of walking on society’s fringe, and as a character study compares to our own “Fiona Clark: Unafraid”, also available.

“An engaging, spirited doc, designed less to provoke than to inspire. Like Pankhurst’s whole, remarkable life, it’s a testament to what can be achieved, and what can be overcome, with a combination of chemical cleansing agents and industrial-strength compassion.” ~Jessica Kiang, Variety


Lachlan Mcleod







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