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A Single Man (2009)

Drama, Romance 1h 39m

Aroview: Colin Firth gives a career-best performance as a gay English professor who grieves for his long-time lover in this impeccable and sensitive adaptation of Christopher Isherwood’s 1960’s novel.

Steeped in LA architectural splendour and 60’s chic, former Gucci fashion-designer Tom Ford makes an exceptional debut as director, not only for his aesthetic eloquence but also his palpable affinity for the material. While the tragedy of gay sexual repression is omnipresent, the drama holds generous ‘cross-over’ appeal with a refreshing focus on the intimacy of love rather than sex. While it skirts a bit close to self-consciousness for some viewer’s comfort, it is somehow fittingly so, and ranks as one of the finest of its genre.


Tom Ford





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