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Lazy Susan

1h 30m Comedy, Indie 2020

Sean Hayes plays Susan in this slice-of-life indie comedy about a spectacularly unmotivated woman for whom doing nothing is exhausting.

AroView: An off-beat indie comedy about a cis woman played by a cis man might seem out of step with the times but it feels like a completely authentic expression for Sean Hayes, best known as the GBF on the ground-breaking sitcom, Will and Grace.

Though unloved by most critics, we’d recommend it if you can’t help chuckling at local comedian Tom Sainsbury’s drag act or a good kitsch comedy ala ‘Napoleon Dynamite’.


Sean Hayes (Susan) , Margo Martindale (Mary) , Jim Rash (Phil) , Kiel Kennedy (Cameron) , Allison Janney (Velvet) , Danny Johnson (Leon) , Leah Huebner (Ashley) , Mariko Takai (Joan) , Dominick LaRuffa Jr. (Laney) , Maria Shriver ((Self))


Nick Peet







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