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The Blue Caftan

2h 4m Drama, LGBT 2022

AroView: A rare peek into Moroccan culture, and the dying craft of hand-made caftans that are painstakingly embroidered with a needle and thread. And it’s also about sex, brought into sharper relief when a maleem and his wife take on an apprentice at their tailoring business.

Deliberately paced and sensually crafted, this LGBT-themed drama is also a moving portrait of a long-term traditional marriage bonded in friendship and respect but one that is coming to its end. It will sweep you away.

“An exquisitely tender tribute to love in its purest expression, The Blue Caftan doesn’t romanticize the complications and conflicts facing its two soulmates, and precisely because of that it feels like an utterly honest tale of romance.” ~Carlos Aguilar, L.A. Times

“A keenly tuned, non-judgmental exploration of an enduring relationship that has thrived despite the stresses of conflicting desires and the pressures of social norms.” ~Jonathan Romney, Screen Daily


Maryam Touzani






Morocco, Belgium, Denmark, France



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