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Dicks: The Musical

1h 26m Comedy, Musical, LGBT+ 2023

From A24 studios and director Larry Charles (Borat, Bruno) comes this amusingly ribald musical comedy about a pair of business rivals who discover that they’re identical twins and decide to swap places in an attempt to trick their divorced parents to get back together.

Based on the musical stage play “F**king Identical Twins: The Musical” by Aaron Jackson and Josh Sharp, who reprise their leading roles here.

“Sure, the story hangs on by the thinnest of threads, it loses momentum in the second act, and one or two of the songs are just a bit too repetitive. Then again, you’ll laugh. Likely a lot.” -Gregory Ellwood, The Playlist

“As the film wears on, though, it gets weirder and sharper — particularly when musical comedy pros Lane and Mullally show up. Each actor is right on Jackson and Sharp’s line-pushing wavelength, saying and singing unspeakably disgusting things with a straight face.” -Hillary Busis, Vanity Fair


Larry Charles


Josh Sharp


Aaron Jackson



Closed Captions [CC]





VVS, A24

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