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The Giants

1h 53m Documentary, Ecology, LGBT, Politics 2023

The intertwined fates of trees and humans are explored in this cinematic portrait of environmental folk hero and gay icon Bob Brown, who took green politics to the centre of power. From a seedling to forest elder, the film interweaves Bob’s story with the life cycle of the ancient trees he is fighting for.

The hidden life of the forest is brought to life by cameras rigged high in the tree canopy, immersive point cloud animation generated from 3D tree scans, and thought-provoking insights by the likes of David Suzuki and Merlin Sheldrake. Drawing on Bob’s lifetime of activism, THE GIANTS ignites an urgent conversation about the right of the Forest to exist and challenges the audience to write the next chapter.

“The meditative tone could have felt starry-eyed or heavy-handed but instead The Giants is beautifully balanced, ruminative and rousing.” ~Luke Buckmaster, The Guardian

“You don’t really need to tell people to act when you show how those who came before have achieved so much. That is a galvanizing message — a demonstration that people can effect change.” ~Paul Byrnes, Sydney Morning Herald


Bob Brown


Rachel Antony


Laurence Billiet



Closed Captions [CC]






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