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Saving Face

1h 37m Comedy, Comedy 2004

AroView: A savvy American indie which plumbs various relationship taboos in the world of Asian-America, centred around the lesbian longings of a surgeon (Krusiec) for a luscious modern dancer (Lynn Chen). Into this storyline comes tumbling a pregnant Joan Chen who moves in with her daughter after being evicted by her own parents. Chen gives a cranky energy to the film, which mostly teeters between sitcom comfort and a fair bit of gratuitous nudity.

“Thought provoking and brimming with charm, match that with an infectious sense of humor and outstanding performances.” Eric Campos, Film Threat

When 48-year-old widow Hwei-Lan Gao (Joan Chen) informs her less-than understanding father she’s pregnant, he banishes her from Flushing until she remarries or proves Immaculate Conception.

With nowhere else to go, Hwei-Lan moves in with her grown daughter, Wil (Michelle Krusiec), a Manhattan doctor who doesn’t want a roommate, especially since she’s met Viv (Lynn Chen), her sexy young lover. So Wil does what any dutiful child with an expectant, unmarried mother on her hands would do: she proceeds to set Hwei-Lan up with every eligible bachelor in town.


Alice Wu


English, Mandarin, Shanghainese

Closed Captions [CC]

English [cc]





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