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Summer of '85

1h 41m Drama 2020

Over one hot summer in 1985 naïve teenager Alexis (Félix Lefebvre) falls deeply and dangerously in love with David (Benjamin Voisin). The pair become inseparable on the beaches and dancefloors of sun-soaked Normandy. But devilish and spikey David sees himself as a free spirit and refuses to be tied down. How will Alexis respond when he realises he can’t have David all to himself?

Unabashedly queer, hotblooded and hormone-driven this is a welcome return to the preoccupations of director Francois Ozon’s early career. Featuring superb 80’s styling and music from Rod Stewart, Bananarama and The Cure.

“An intense and touching tale of first love set over a six-week period, Summer Of 85 blends the energy of youth with the curveballs of fate in a pleasant, keenly acted package that, despite a tragic core, will send all but the most strait-laced curmudgeon out of the cinema smiling.” ~Lisa Nesselson, Screen Daily

“A holiday romance perfect for the dark nights with the added bonus of a flashback structure that builds genuine intrigue into the outcome.” ~Ian Freer, Empire


François Ozon


French, English




Belgium, France


Pinnacle Films

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