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You Don't Nomi

1h 31m Documentary, Film 2019

AroView: Initially derided by critics and audience alike, Paul Verhoeven’s notoriously trashy sexploitation drama SHOWGIRLS has developed a devoted fan following in the decades since it’s 1995 release, proving itself an unforgettable piece of American popular culture.

In this documentary about the phenomenon, due attention is finally given to lead actor Elizabeth Berkley, and a chorus of film critics and fervent devotees also contribute their thoughts and theories around the film’s artist intent and messages. A passionate but measured reevaluation of a truly fascinating moment in film history.

“Cuts through the excessive nudity and stylized hyper sex of “Showgirls” to reveal the heart hidden behind the grime, relishing in the entrancing panache that has fascinated and charmed viewers for years.” ~The Playlist


Jeffrey McHale



Closed Captions [CC]



United States

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