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Dogtown and Z-Boys

1h 30m Documentary, Sport 2001

AroView: Celebrated beyond its niche audience of surf-and-skaters, this documentary recounts the origins and rise to fame (and mixed fortune) of a fringy LA surf gang who graduated by circumstance and sheer attitude to become skateboarding revolutionaries and influential alternative pop icons.

A labour of love (and love letter!) for film-maker and former skate-star Peralta, whose autobiographical, nostalgic approach forsakes hard-nosed ‘drama’ for a refreshingly authentic vibe. Validated by the rock’n’roll fraternity, the soundtrack is jammed with eclectic 70s rock (from Hendrix to Devo, and the coup of Led Zeppelin!), and the narration of Sean Penn. Also inspiration for the feature film, Lords of Dogtown (2005).


Stacy Peralta



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