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The Last Mountain

Documentary, Sport 1h 47m 2021

Chris Terrill directs this documentary about the lives of two renowned British mountain climbers, Alison Hargreaves and her son Tom Ballard. In 1995, Hargreaves became the first woman to summit Everest unassisted and without oxygen, but she would tragically die while descending from the summit of K2 later that year. Sadly, her son Tom would also die while climbing in the Pakistani Himalayas decades later in 2019.

“The Last Mountain is a tribute film. It lets us into the lives of an extraordinary family. The intimacy with which we get to experience exhilaration, wonder, athleticism, heartbreak, bravery and resilience makes it worth watching. Try not to pull at the upholstery of your seat as you watch.” ~Chris Greenwood, A Sliver of Film








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