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1h 39m Documentary 2019

A documentary political thriller about artificial intelligence, power and social control. From the inside of the booming AI industry this film shows how the most powerful and far-reaching technology of our time is changing our lives, our society and our future.

As well as investigating the consequences of the power concentration of the multi-billion dollar AI industry, the film also shows a growing conflict in the tech world. On one side corporations like Google claim we need AI to solve climate change, cancer or hunger. On the other side people like Bill Gates and Elon Musk fear AI is the biggest threat to humanity…

“This film makes an ambitious attempt at consolidating a complex topic for viewers, and even if the results can be mixed at times, this is a timely, informative, and troubling documentary.” ~Camden Ferrell, Disappointment Media

“This chilling and critical AI-documentary almost succumbs to the dark fascinations it depicts, leaving a strong and unsettling impression of nascent digital powers outgrowing human control.” ~Anders Dunker, Modern Times Review


English, Mandarin Chinese



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