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An Inconvenient Truth

1h 35m Documentary 2006

AroView: Stark and compelling warning about the imminent effects of climate change - largely being stoked by carbon emissions from human activities - presented by former US Vice-President Al Gore in a stage-lecture, assisted by slides, graphics and alarming CGI simulations of the effects of rising sea levels.

Throughout, Gore maintains an even-handed and sober perspective in explaining how the sudden shifts in global temperatures threaten to take our ecology ‘off the chart’ within the next century. Despite the familiarity of the subject, dir. Guggenheim provides a gripping sense of pace to carry through to the kernel of Gore’s argument: that action at an everyday level by people is essential to reversing climatic trends. In all, essential viewing for those interested in a hot topic, which is bound to only increase in relevance.


Davis Guggenheim



Closed Captions [CC]




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